Scoop of the Hill is a Washington, DC-based gourmet dessert company specializing in Italian gelato, French macarons and Crepes. We merge traditional, time-tested techniques with a fresh, modern perspective to provide premium-quality products.


Our philosophy is simple. We:

  • Provide world-class pastries, but draw inspiration from our Washington, DC home. We fuse traditional recipes and preparations with the highest-quality local ingredients, resulting in pastries and savory treats that represent the best of the old world and the new. We are as passionate about precision as we are about personalization, and we work with our customers to customize each order to best meet their needs.
  • Focus on the health of our customers and our communities—and expand the meaning of “socially responsible.” We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced both locally and internationally, and we accommodate a range of dietary restrictions and preferences, with a selection of vegan, low-sugar, and gluten-free options. We provide thoughtful, attentive, personalized service and partner with local businesses that share our values: environmentally conscious production techniques, fair trade practices, and a commitment to serving and supporting small business growth in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • Share an innovative spirit and a passion for excellence. All of our recipes are extensively researched and tested to make sure that you receive the highest quality product, every time. And we don’t stop there: We are continuously refining our production techniques, exploring new flavor profiles, and expanding our offerings.

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