All managing partners have very diverse backgrounds, which complement each other quite dynamically. Most importantly, they all share one trait: an uncompromising commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for the passion and precision it takes to achieve it.

  • Lilit Vardanian


    Co-Founder/Managing Partner. Recent MBA graduate specializing in International Business, with a lifelong love of specialty foods and pastries, Lilit is continuously inspired by her world travels and driven to bring the most exciting, innovative trends to the local market. Her experience abroad and eye for emerging trends in the specialty food market are reflected in Scoop of the Hill’s unique offerings. Due to her background in life sciences, she is no stranger to the rigors of the scientific process, the challenges and delights of finding the perfect formula for success. Her experience as a biomedical researcher was inspired by her passion for improving public health. This passion is reflected in Scoop of the Hill’s health centric culture and commitment of continually improving healthy high quality product offerings to the community.

  • Mushegh Vardanian


    Co-Founder/Managing Partner/Gelato Chef. Musheg brings over 30 years of experience in food and food supplements manufacturing and the restaurant/catering industry, having owned and operated successful restaurants and high-end catering services. In all of his endeavors, Mushegh has specifically focused on health promotion and quality control, and he brings this passion to Scoop of the Hill.Musheg’s formal gelato training started in the United States over 15 years ago, with an apprenticeship to one of the first Italian gelato companies entering the DC market, where he learned the intricacies—and secrets—of perfecting gelato textures and flavors. Since mastering the art of Italian gelato production, he has been a gelateria owner as well as gelato service provider to local restaurants, cafes, and embassies and has catered large-scale corporate and private events. His experience in dairy and frozen dessert production industry in European markets further expands Scoop’s global reach.

  • Francois Jacques


    International chef consultant, brings formal world-class culinary training from Avignon, France as well as over 25 years of restaurant and catering experience around the world. Francois has worked in traditional French restaurants in the south of France, private residences in Europe, and the French embassy in the United States. He gained his private catering expertise at Sodexo China, a world leader in the catering industry, and later went on to open and run a Geneva-based catering company that provided services for private, corporate, and high-profile political events. Francois specializes in international cuisine, confectionery desserts, chocolate, and macarons. He currently resides in Montpellier, France with his family and consults Scoop on upcoming European emerging trends in dessert industry.

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