As a socially responsible local business, we believe it is our responsibility to look out for the health and well being of our customers and our community. We do that in two ways: by exclusively using high-quality, all-natural ingredients and providing options across a range of dietary preferences, and by partnering with other socially responsible local businesses and vendors.

At Scoop of the Hill, all ingredients are FDA-certified. We strive to use in-season, locally sourced produce, offering fresh seasonal flavor specials. All of our dairy products are made with hormone- and additive-free milk. In addition to our traditional pastry and dessert offerings, we are proud to offer gluten-free, vegan, and low-sugar options.

We believe in giving back to the friends and neighbors who inspire us every day. As a testament to our commitment, we take part in fundraisers and charitable initiatives for causes that strengthen and support our community.

As part of our pledge to participate in local community development we are so proud to be a part of, we make it a point to partner with local businesses that support socially responsible environmental conscious business practices.

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